Paton Semiautomatic Inverter Mig/mag Mma/tig Psi 250p DC Welding Device Welder V

Paton Semiautomatic Inverter Mig/mag Mma/tig Psi 250p DC Welding Device Welder V
Paton Semiautomatic Inverter Mig/mag Mma/tig Psi 250p DC Welding Device Welder V
Paton Semiautomatic Inverter Mig/mag Mma/tig Psi 250p DC Welding Device Welder V
Paton Semiautomatic Inverter Mig/mag Mma/tig Psi 250p DC Welding Device Welder V

Paton Semiautomatic Inverter Mig/mag Mma/tig Psi 250p DC Welding Device Welder V

Monday - Friday: 8.00 - 16.00. Paton Plant of Welding Equipment offers Semiautomatic inverters devices of the series "PRO". Digital semi-automatic inverter PATON PSI-250P are designed for semi-automatic welding "MIG/MAG", manual electric arc welding "MMA" and argon arc welding "TIG" with DC current, in argon gas and mixture of gases shielding. This "Professional" series is designed for industrial applications. The source of current can be separated from welding wire feed mechanism for both the comfort of use and for safety reasons.

Arc welding set with power cable 3m. Electrode wire feeding unit with rollers for wire 0.6... 0.8 mm and 1.0. 1.2 mm in diameter. Welding torch MIG/MAG ABICOR BINZEL - 1pcs.

Welding cable with ground terminal 3m - 1pcs. Cardboard packaging "PATON"- 1 pcs.

Strap for carrying on shoulder - 1pcs. Operation manual of welding torch ABICOR BINZEL - 1pcs.

Operating Instruction ENG - 1pcs. The device is adapted to strengthen high operating load, without jeopardizing productivity and quality of work. The semi-automatic inverters give perfect quality of welded joint. The advantages of using in this device completely electronic control method exclude the disadvantages that are characteristic of multifunctional systems based on analog control systems, which by definition always target on one specific method, and all other methods as auxiliary are not optimal in other working modes.

Device indeed ensures good load duration at its full nominal current 200? Respectively, at power supply network 230 V single phase or 400 V three-phase, which is sufficient to work with any electrodes of? 1.6 mm diameter up to consumable electrodes of?

6 mm (for PSI-250P) and semi-automatic welding with continues wire from? 1.2 mm diameter (for PSI-250P). The source was originally built for optimum use in most cases of welding works and is simple enough to be used by welders who do not want to make any additional adjustments requiring more advanced skills.

For unsafe operating conditions, the block for reduction the idling voltage in MMA mode is installed, with the possibility of its switching off and on. A feature which distinguishes semi-automatic welding machines PATON is their powerful high-quality and hermetic mechanism of wire feeding.

In this PATONT model incorporates a low and overvoltage protection module. Due to the increased frequency of the input voltage of the rectifier transformer of the welding unit, the weight and overall dimensions of the transformer are significantly reduced as compared with classic welding units with similar characteristics.

High quality of the welded seams and the source safety are provided with additional automatic functions. The "Hot-Start" function - provides the best welding start, excellent ignition - at the moment of the arc ignition, within a short time, the rms welding current becomes higher by optimal value against the agreed operating value. At operation from low voltage supply or generator it is desirable to reduce this value - there is a control. By decrease of the "Hot-Start" we reduce consumption at the low-power supply or by increase of the "Hot-Start" function at high power supply that simplify the ignition point at more. The "Arc-Force" function is used to increase the burning on a short arc stability to prevent the electrode sticking - at the moment of the electrode metal droplet detachment the current is increased automatically up to the allowable value; there is corresponding the installed current control. Reducing the "Arc-Force" for the current consumption at low power or increasing the "Arc-Force" at high-power supple that stabilize the arc stability at more. The "Anti-Stick" function makes possible to the welder to separate (to detach) safely for eyes the electrode from the work-piece, at short circuit failure (if any) after short break, the welding current is decreased automatically. After the electrode detachment from the work-piece the source shall restart automatically. This product invented by the designers of The E.

Paton Plant of Welding Equipment has the following advantages for users of the domestic market if compared to the semiautomatic inverter of foreign manufacture. The possibility to adjust welding parameters in wide ranges. In "MMA" mode - 1 (basic) + 10 (additional). In "TIG" mode - 1 (basic) + 8 (additional).

In "MIG/MAG" mode - 2 (basic) + 4 (additional). The availability of the adjustable pulse welding mode for all the welding processes. Despite of voltage surge protection, the stabilization system for long-term voltage drops in the mains supply from 160V to 260V was installed. With minimum electrical power voltage of 160V you can carry on welding with electrodes not greater then?

3 mm in diameter or semiautomatic welding with wire with a diameter of not more than? Adapted to standard electrical grid. The source of power, due to its high effectiveness, assures two times less electrical power consumption in comparison with traditional ones.

The rotation frequency of the driving motor of the ventilator of the welding unit can be automatically varied depending on the temperature inside the unit. This feature allows the service life of the ventilator and driving motor to be increased and, additionally, dust content inside the unit to be reduced. Tough grips intended for manual and mechanical transport. Increased reliability of device in production conditions with high level of dust, the source microelectronics is placed in a separate chamber. The welding unit is easy operated due to the optimal operating load factor in operation at the rated current. This feature allows welding to be performed continuously at a temperature of 25 ÂșC. The welding unit contains an electronic thermal protection system for protecting all the heat-generating components of the welding unit against overheating.

All the printed-circuit boards with electronic elements are impregnated with two layers of high-quality varnish in order to provide the high reliability of the welding unit within its service life. Reliability through the use of the latest advanced technology IGBT. It should be emphasized, that: welding parameters given in technical manual fully correspond to real operating parameters of the device, which is due to the use of high-quality electronic elements and perfect inspection on each production stage. Rated power supply voltage 50/60 Hz, V.

Rated power supply current, A. 70 % at 250 A 100 % at 208 A. Power supply voltage range, V.

Range of welding current, A. Welding voltage control range, V. Diameter of a stick electrode, mm.

1,6 - 6,0. 0,6 - 1,2.

Welding wire coil with the weight not higher than, kg. Welding processes with a pulse welding mode. Function "Hot-Start" in MMA mode.

Function "Arc-Force" in MMA mode. Function "Anti-Stick" in MMA mode. Welding arc starting voltage, V. Overall dimensions (length width height), mm. We take unprecedented measures to guarantee your things arrive securely and in place.

We are not in charge of lost or harmed packages. Any item not in "sellable" condition. Future Changes We are fully entitled to change these terms whenever we wish to do so, the changes will be presented on this page, and different areas we consider proper with the goal that you know about the set of accepted rules of our administration. We save and are qualified for all rights to adjust, modify, change or overhaul these terms at any given time, so please check back from time to time. Do you have any question?

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Paton Semiautomatic Inverter Mig/mag Mma/tig Psi 250p DC Welding Device Welder V

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