MIG Welder & MMA Welder 180AMP Inverter 240V, R-Tech MIG180 MIG Welder

MIG Welder & MMA Welder 180AMP Inverter 240V, R-Tech MIG180 MIG Welder

MIG Welder & MMA Welder 180AMP Inverter 240V, R-Tech MIG180 MIG Welder


MIG Welder & MMA Welder - 180AMP Inverter 240V, R-Tech MIG180 MIG Welder. The MIG180 MIG Welder is a 180 Amp Portable Inverter MIG Welder with a 240v single phase input, MMA (Stick) and Spool on Gun Facility and durable metal feed assy. Built with class leading Siemens IGBT's - Not inferior Mosfets. Infinite fine control of welding voltage/amperage - What is this?

Enables you to finely control the welding power in very small steps - traditional old fashioned MIG welders only had coarse voltage settings I. E Setting 1 = too little power, 2 = too much power.

Provides very smooth low splatter welds on all steels and aluminium due to its inverter technology. Metal wire feed assy - Provides consistent wire feed. 180 Amp Output, welding range 30-180 amps. 16A 240v input required for welding at 180amps , 160 amp MIG output at 13A input. Euro style MIG torch - What is this? Euro torches can be easily removed and replaced - they give a more consistent wire feed than permanently fitted torches as found on many DIY machines. Complete package includes, R-Tech I-MIG180 MIG Welder, 3M MB15 Air Cooled MIG Torch, Earth Lead, Gas Hose, Mains Cable, Gas Regulator, Owners Manual. Easy welding of aluminium with optional spool on gun. Note Pure Argon gas is required for welding aluminium.

330 x 210 x410 mm. Yes - Easy fitment of torch. Yes - Shows acutal welding amps.

Yes - Easy reversal of polarity for gasless wire. Package Includes, R-Tech I-MIG180 MIG Welder, 3M MB15 Air Cooled MIG Torch, Earth Lead, Gas Hose, Mains Cable, Gas Regulator, Owners Manual.

Generator Friendly - Generator must be minimum of 6KVA 240V and fitted with AVR (auto voltage regulation). Want to weld aluminium - Simply fit a Teflon liner, Alloy rollers and Tips - What is this? Fit the Teflon liner into torch, alloy U-Groove rollers (steel are v-groove) and aluminium welding tips, connect pure argon gas and you are ready to MIG weld aluminiu. R-Tech Customer reviews of the IMIG180 MIG Welder. 07.10.2020 Bought for car work.

And would recommend for any light fabrication using 13A Supply. I would say it is professional quality and It is very good quality. 07.10.2020 Great compact welder, perfect for car restoration.

The welder is built well and performs as it should. It's easy to set up and produces good consistent welds.

Anyone doing hobby welding like me will find it does what you ask of it. 30.09.2020 I'll be using the welder for my s13 drift car and restoring my skyline along with fabricating a large box for my Daf T244 to convert into a motor home. At the time of writing this review I've not yet used the welder but the quality is far better than expected and I had high expectations. 27.09.2020 I use the product for general fabrication work.

Would definitely recommend the product to others. 27.09.2020 I would recommend it to anyone professional, easy to use plus the quality of the welds are spot on when setup right and the instructions do help with that 25.09.2020 Used for custom motorcycle builds and genral fab jobs. Ideal for beginers and smart. Best mig ive ever borught.

25.09.2020 Used for my land rover restoration. Great welder with a useful power range. Nice quality at the price. 24.09.2020 For vehicle repairs good quality product nice to use 21.09.2020 A super easy mig welder to setup and use.

I currently use it for car body repairs and it welds very well due to the fine adjustments that can be made. 20.09.2020 We use it for restoration repairs on cars. We would recommend the welder to anyone who wants to produce quality work. With this great product 14.09.2020 Easy setup worked straight from the box. Very pleased 11.09.2020 Small scale professional fabrication and repairs Would recommend to diy and professional Quality seems to be very good 11.09.2020 Primary use for car body work, product quality appears very good.

10.09.2020 Have not used it yet but looks good! If it is as good as the plasma cutter it will do for me. 10.09.2020 Top class, thanks very much. My first welder, recommended by many on the forums. 04.09.2020 Great welder excellent quality would recommend 01.09.2020 New to mig welding so have no experience with other machines but this seems well made and I seem to be getting decent welds.

27.08.2020 Used for general fabrication. Would recommend for anyone requiring a reliable and competitively priced MIG welder. Good quality product, easy to set up and use out of the box. 26.08.2020 repairing vehicles and general home use. I would recommend this product to anyone.

Quality is 1ST class 25.08.2020 Great product, very impressive. 17.08.2020 To replace 30 year old cebora/BOC mig. Seems a good quality machine.

Time will tell 14.08.2020 Top quality item great for the vintage vehicle restoration 13.08.2020 Have used this bit of kit to weld my car. Its really good quality and would recommend to family and friends. 12.08.2020 I never used a welder in my life but having read the instructions I gave it a go and it worked perfectly. Now looking for all sorts of things to weld. 09.08.2020 Not used the welder yet.

Im relatively new to welding and had been recommended this welder on varies forums and that they customers from RTech great. 08.08.2020 great mig ideal for everyone from novice to pro.

It's very light to move around and easy to use. The quality is first class. 24.07.2020 Easy to setup, professional grade torch and earth. Much better than my existing hoddy mig of 21years. 23.07.2020 Hobby welding from vehicles to garden gates and trailer repairs 22.07.2020 Great bit of kit, excellent customer service.

21.07.2020 I use the Mig 180 in my small workshop. Anyone looking for a compact excellent welder this is a must.

I would recommend any of R-techs equipment. Easy to use even though Ive never welded before 14.07.2020 Welder is used for car restoration and fabrication, I would recommend this welder to anyone. The quality is very good with easy to use controls.

I've only used it for a couple of jobs so far, but I'm impressed with the quality of the welds even for someone as inexperienced as me. Early days, but quality seems very good so far. 13.07.2020 I'm a fabricator welder by trade and so far this product is impressive. Robust design and more powerful than you would expect.

13.07.2020 My old welder was really showing its age. So after watching YouTube reviews on's Blog & Double Boost decided on the 180 MIG. I use the welder for Car, Home & small Engineering jobs, & so far I'm very impressed.

Much easier to use than my old welder, lighter, more delicate control of wire feed & amps... Much better quick change terminals. Used for about a week before running out of welding gas , very happy with the early results a good compact welder, very capable for home & small workshop jobs. I like the 13amp or 16amp plug option.

12.07.2020 I've been after this type of mig inverter for a few days. 12.07.2020 Absolutely well made and very capable machine with UK back up. 12.07.2020 The quality of the product seems very good in comparison to others in the same price range 08.07.2020 To be used for car restoration and metalworking. Would recommend it for any home workshop. So impressed I intend to get a R Tech plasma cutter.

08.07.2020 Welding on my classic Fords Anyone who wants a quality product and quality service first class built to do the job 08.07.2020 Great little welder for me getting into mig welding. More than happy 09.06.2020 Mainly heavy hobby use, I would recommend this welder to anyone thinking of spending up to 450 quid..... Go on and bite the bullet, spend another few quid and be in welding heaven.

(Is there such a place)? Quality cannot be faulted, and for me the only possible improvement would be to offer an option to have the mains power switch on the front face. 03.06.2020 I use this product in the garage. Had no problem welding some 8mm plate first pass 31.05.2020 Bought this machine mainly for light work on my car restore project.

A friend with a haulage company phoned and asked if I could weld some 5mm plate on a trailer for him. Welder coped no problems without any problems. Would recommend for anybody who has light work to do and occasionally heavier stuff. Machine is excellent build quality. Cant fault it so far 29.05.2020 Pro quality welder at an affordable price 28.05.2020 Very easy and straightforward to setup and use straight from the box.

For use from the beginner to expert welder. 24.05.2020 I already have one of your TIG machines and thats been great. The MIG180 replaces my old MIG which was okay but limited in its use. This machine will cover all my welding needs (only hobby work) and is even able to weld aluminium when I get round to getting a spool.

Very pleased so far with the service and the machine. 21.05.2020 I bought this as it works on 13Amp three pin plug - I was a bit worried but it works great - I recommend it to any beginners like me. Highly capable machine, makes for professional weld Quality. 18.05.2020 The Mig180 is a good welder. Im not a professional, just a hobbyist, but I have been able to make good welds with it on thin sheet steel, as I wanted, no problem at all.

It was easy to setup, the instructions are clear and to my surprise I was able to use the 0.7kg spool of stainless wire that I used on my old Sip welder. The Sip is now in the bin. 17.05.2020 Very affordable machine but the quality and components of machine are far higher for the price. Straight out of the box I was welding perfectly with no issues.

17.05.2020 Top bit of kit miles above the rest 13.05.2020 Does a professional job, "just like it says on the tin" 11.05.2020 everything about this machine is just brilliant 11.05.2020 Using the welder mainly to repair rusty Volkswagens. Easy to use and recommend to all of my friends 10.05.2020 Lovely bit of kit. Very versatile and meets my needs for welding thick and thin plate. This is a nice compact machine and the build quality is very good. I would recommend it to anyone.

So far I have used it for modifying cinema seating frames for work and general use on a motorcycle restoration. I just wish I had bought a mig welder years ago! 06.05.2020 This welder is pure quality!

I've only used it on 1.5mm stainless steel so far and it was flawless. I'll mainly be using it for motorcycle customisation and repairs including mild steel up to 4mm and stainless steel up to 3mm. 25.04.2020 Excellent piece of equipment that I appears very well built considering its low price tag.

I'd recommend it to anyone who requires a great quality machine at a low price. 22.04.2020 im restoring a Lancia delta and was struggling with a cheap welder, this has made my welding come on with leaps and bounds. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a welder for hobby or automotive work just from my experience with only a few days of using it. The welder is very well made and easy to use 20.04.2020 I bought this welder for my Son in law his exact words were; MINT.

14.04.2020 Already used on a staircase and two big yard gate fabrications. Good machine for light/ med fab shop. 11.04.2020 Used commercially for gate and railings manufacture. Would recommend for both commercial and diy.

The product quality is superior. I would recommend this product to garages and hobby welders. The quality is very good.

10.04.2020 The nuts 08.04.2020 Im just starting out with hobby stuff and this machine instantly improved my welding! I would recommend any one in welding have r tech 04.04.2020 Home workshop Recommend to everyone that needs welding equipment Products are really good quality 03.04.2020 Im using this welder for car and motorcycle restoration.

Its adjustability is ideal for the many different thicknesses I have to weld and so far Im very impressed. I would recommend this for anyone doing similar repair as its ideal. Im impressed with the quality of the machine. Straight forward to use and infinitely adjustable. Saving up now for a tig from you.

QUALITY OF PRODUCT IS EXCELLENT. 28.03.2020 Used for hobby projects, very easy to set up and use. Would recommend to others, the price and ability from a 13amp unit is excellent. The unit looks and works great, everything seems to be great quality within the price range. 25.03.2020 Ive used it to repair farm machinery (broken Topper) and a grass box support arm on the ride on mower. I also plan to use it for simple steel frame fabrication in my furniture making business.

Its simple to use and quick to set up. Its useful around the farm for repairs and I can see it will be useful for occasional fabrication work in my business.

The quality is very nice, it looks like it will be durable enough for years of service. 25.03.2020 I've only had a quick go so far due to trying to get ready for lockdown. I'm very impressed with the quality of the produced and the lack of spatter.

[I used to work as a fabricator 40 years ago and taught engineering until I retired 12 years ago] This is far superior to all the industrial kit I have used. 22.03.2020 Watched the u tube video that demonstrates what the welder can do. This is a good quality machine that completely out performs my current well known 150 amp mig. 18.03.2020 Occasional light to medium use, wanted something to upgrade from my training wheels for a number of reasons, old welder had only high and low settings, this caused many issues when trying to obtain good wire that worked well, there was only one out of the 8 types that i tested worked really well with my sealy 100, upgrading to this welder and using an old spool that i had bought before worked flawlessly using the R-Tech recommended settings, i feel that this welder is the last one that i will ever need, its excellent quality and its parts pack is evenly matched, i cant recommend this welder enough to whom ever is looking for a plug and play welder that's second to none.

08.08.2019 Hobby use mostly. I would recommend this product to any friends that were in the market for a welder. No issues yet, so everything is working as expected. 06.08.2019 Cracking bit of kit 02.08.2019 Hobby welder only. Quality good all worked well.

Happy to recommend to anyone 02.08.2019 Very pleased with our new R Tech Welder. The unit was easy to set up, and with the help of the guidelines for settings for different metal thicknesses, gave high quality welds straight out of the box! 01.08.2019 I need the welder to weld a floorpan on a classic car and have never used a mig welder before. The welder is easy to use, with simple instructions and excellent videos. After an afternoon of practice, I feel ready to tackle the job. The product has a high-quality look and feel, and is solidly built with robust accessories. I'd recommend it both to other beginners and to others who want a good quality mig welder. 30.07.2019 Only used once so far easy to set up Smooth welding Recommend to anyone who needs to weld (subject to reliability) Seems good quality 21.07.2019 Great machine 17.07.2019 Welding my sons ministox Everyone, its a great machine outstanding!

16.07.2019 really happy with this welder, feels and looks quality, can't believe how low I have it set for car welding compared to my last welder, highly recommend this welder even if it's a bit more expensive, well worth the investment. 15.07.2019 I USE THE MIG WELDER IN THE WORKSHOP DAILY FROM MAKING EXHAUSTS , WELDING PATCHES TOP QUALITY PRODUCT 10.07.2019 Personal and work use 08.07.2019 Own projects at home. Looks and feels very good quality. I will definitely show and tell others 07.07.2019 Good machine for automotive repair and light fabrication. Nice robust wire feed mechanism.

01.07.2019 very good welder for my farm jobs 01.07.2019 Lovely little machine to use, couldnt have asked for better 27.06.2019 Nice little machine, Easy to use with lots of fine adjustment and good capacity. I will never go back to my old favorite Eland.

Would also be ideal for a small automotive workshop or for site work. It looks well made with a decent quality torch and earth lead.

27.06.2019 Welder will be used for classic car restoration and general DIY. 26.06.2019 Great welder, don, t think you can get a better machine for this price. 23.06.2019 I bought the MIG welder having bought and R-Tech TIG welder a couple of years ago.

I also wend by other people's reviews, all of which were complimentary. Early days yet, but initial trials has see some neat (ish) welds for someone who hasn't used a MIG welder for nearly 30 years, most of which I have to put down to the equipment, not the operator. 23.06.2019 Good quality product haven't tried yet but everything feels and looks solid. 23.06.2019 Idear tool for small fabricator like me I would recommend this welder to anyone.

The quality is great 23.06.2019 Excellent quality machine as described 20.06.2019 For general welding work. Same sort of engineers as myself.

But im retired now 18.06.2019 Excellent quality 13.06.2019 So far, so good. Not welded for 34 years, so this is all a bit new. 12.06.2019 Im a fairly new welder and use the 180 for hobby based projects. The welder is very easy to set up and use. The owners manual is very clear and concise.

I think this welder would suit anyone looking for a good quality compact Mig/MMA welder, whether theyre a beginner or a professional. The welder is very well made, with plenty of features. All parts seem to very good quality and easy to use. Overall Im very pleased with this product. 11.06.2019 use for hobby welding, quality seems good but a bit early to comment yet 06.06.2019 The welding machine is great you can turn the power up or down gradually rather than having pre-set buttons.

After I got the settings right did a great job welding 1mm plate on my car. Not sure about the display as it only shows a reading while your welding so you dont get to see it, thought it would show power reading as you adjusted it apart from that this welds perfect, looks good its a nice size and weighs less than my old welder. ARC MMA Welding Lead 4M 35MM for R-Tech MIG180/250. Mig Welder 315A 415V Compact R-Tech CMIG315 Heavy Duty MIG Welder. MIG Welder R-Tech 450 Amp Industrial with separate wire feed unit.

Customers love how we're about more than just great welding machines. Read on to learn more. Whether you need a new machine or an extra machine, you shouldnt have to wait longer than absolutely necessary.

Thats why we deliver welding machines and consumables fast. Like you, we work in the real world. Occasionally, welding machines need repair. When you must keep welding, but your machine says no, we can help.

All our machines are built with robust metal cabinets, tried-and-tested parts and the latest ultra-reliable inverter power components from the top German and American companies. R-TECH PRODUCTS ARE TRUSTED BY. Get Our Latest News And Offers Direct To Your Inbox. Stay up to date with our special offers & promotions. The item "MIG Welder & MMA Welder 180AMP Inverter 240V, R-Tech MIG180 MIG Welder" is in sale since Monday, September 22, 2014.

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MIG Welder & MMA Welder 180AMP Inverter 240V, R-Tech MIG180 MIG Welder

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